Top 10 Symptoms of Exhaustion

Symptoms of ExhaustionAt the end of a long day, or after a particularly strenuous workout, you might feel “like you are exhausted.” We often use this word, exhaustion, to communicate our feelings of extreme tiredness.  Exhaustion, however, is a specific word meant to describe a pervasive and chronic state of fatigue of, either or both, body and mind.

Wondering if you might be suffering from exhaustion?  See if you can relate to these top ten symptoms of exhaustion:

  1. You’re tired for no reason: You know that if you’ve been short on a good night’s sleep and then had a busy day, you’re going to feel tired come dinnertime.  If you are deeply fatigued, however, and you’re unable to point to one specific reason for your tiredness, then your deep fatigue is typically regarded as a symptom of exhaustion.  This is a sign Continue reading