My Sweet Friend

SukiMy Sweet Friend

Although what we’ve shared, and from where we’ve come, only you and I know.

You’ve touched so many, with your warm, smiling, and ever-glowing Soul.

Your sweet, playful Being you shared so deeply with me,

Your hopes, your joys, your love unconditionally.

When I was away, you would sit and patiently wait,

For me to return, so we could once again play.

Throughout our travels and adventures together,

You bounced and bounded along, light as a feather.

Your entrance to this life was by no means easy,

Though I’ll always smile

Watching you become trusting and carefree.

A wag of your tail, your chir of contentment,

Surely this is what is meant by everlasting Heaven.

My Companion, my Healer, and Beloved Meeter-Greeter,

Our caring and love for one another couldn’t be deeper.

You were such a big and wonderfully happy part of my life.

Though it took me a long time to realize

That for you, I was your entire life.

The oceans, the breezes, us floating on the waters

It seemed always and forever, that you and I’d be together,

Now you’re on to your next adventure.

May you be eternally Joyful.

And may we Be together again,

My Sweet Friend

(Suki:  June 02, 1999 – November 26, 2014)






Suki – The Final Update

Suki and SandySuki passed away ​November 26th​.  He went peacefully with me by his side. Thank you all for your love and prayers for us both. My heart is full with happiness for the amazing adventures Suki and I shared. He is now at peace, chasing the big dogs around the beaches in heaven.

The photo above is of Suki and I at one of our favorite beaches in the Caribbean, swimming and having tons of fun.  His little tail would go round and round like a propeller, his legs going a mile a minute, and his cute little snout sticking up like a periscope.  Pure Joy.

Suki Update

Suki2Suki turned 15 years old!

People are asking more often about Suki…”how is he?”  “he looks great for his age” “does he sleep alot these days?”

Not that folks weren’t interested in Suki pre-15th birthday mind you.  Some days you’d think he was a rock-star, especially if he wasn’t with me at the time.  Lots of inquiries.  “is he ok?”  “did something happen?”  “oh, thank goodness that he’s ok”, “he’s just home?”, “sleeping?”, “how old is he again?”  Clients, neighbors, friends, you name it, all cheering him on.  Suki has a very special place in the hearts of those who know him, as do all the 4-legged little angels that share our lives.

Continue reading

He just got groomed this morning, and he’s looking super-spiffy.  Those big brown eyes are now clear of the bangs that were partially blocking his “view”.  And if his eyes could see better, he’d be seeing the whole world today.Suki loves it when he gets all trimmed and primped.  He’s proud as a peacock walking around, with a big smile on his face…patiently waiting for his requisite treat, while I schedule his next appointment with the groomer.

Make that 2 treats…and if he keeps milling around?  Yeah, 3 treats…I’m a sucker for a cutie pie (inside joke for those who’ve known me for years).

He’s sleeping now.  It’s lunch time and until the scents of food reach his nostrils, he’s out like a light.  But even at 15 years old, when he smells food, there’s no arthritis in his leg, or weak heart, keeping him from getting up to check things out (not to mention supervise every move I make in the kitchen, as if he’s Mr. Miagi teaching Emeril Jr. or something to “wax on, wax off”)

Chicken – check.  Broccoli – check.  Kale (yes, Kale) – check.  Green beans – yummy – check check!  Suki has always had quite the fondness for eating real food.  (And, no, he’s not a bit spoiled, either!)   😉

I think Suki has had maybe 2 cans of dogfood…in his entire life.  (Yeah, before you get in line to come back as my dog, just know that I have position #1 on that, lol!)

Two home cooked meals every day for 15 years.  Some have said that Suki eats better than I do…and I’d have to certainly agree, especially some days, when my tastes go toward foods that are, let’s say, less than ideal for good human health.

His energy levels have been slowly declining, with his major energy burst these days being in the morning.  The typical morning is: wake up, find out where mom is…uh oh, she moved…find where she is now.  Wait for the leash.  Yey, it’s walk time!!!!  (He may even do a hop-skip-jump to celebrate).

Ok, out the door we go.  Pee on something…pee on next thing….pee A LOT on that thing.  Sniff…and sometimes sniff for minutes at a time (what the heck could be so dang interesting to sniff for that long?!).  That was a rhetorical question, btw.

Do his business.  Kick a bunch of sand everywhere. (Sometimes more sand lands on my feet than on his business, if I’m not paying close enough attention that early in the morning.)   Have I mentioned that it’s early and I’ve not yet had my coffee…..?

And the further into our (short) walk, the slower he goes, even in the mornings.  His precious heart just can’t handle more than limited stimulation these days, not to mention Suki wanting to savor every last sniff and pee along the way.

Back to the house (finally!!) and then a treat.  How do I know this?  Because he waits patiently until I remember that I’ve forgotten (once again) to give him his requisite treat after his walk.  (Some mornings call for a large coffee, right?)

He eats a hearty, home cooked breakfast, then we play a bit (fetch, tug-a-war with the 2 teeth he has left to tug with)…and then he naps.  And naps, and naps.

During the day he’ll go out to pee a few times…then more treats…then more napping.

Dinner is served promptly when his tummy calls for it.  Another short walk in the evening to make sure he does his business before going to bed – but equally important, Suki makes sure to update all the places he peed on earlier to let his “4-legged friends” know that he’s been ’round again

He dreams while he sleeps. I hope they’re happy dreams, like him swimming with me in the ocean, then floating on my chest when he gets tired.  Or flirting with the “new girl” in the neighborhood.  He’s totally cute when he does his “prancy-dance”, where he prances and dances to show off for the cute gals he meets along his path.

Suki’s a precious soul, with a beautiful (and sometimes mischevious) smile, and those big brown eyes.  Though his body struggles more and more to keep up with “him”, Suki is determined to live as much of today as he possibly can (which is really all we can all do, right?)

I think a nap is sounding good right now…

Suki – 7 Weeks Into The Transition

Suki 09-26First, I’d like to thank the multitudes of loving people, near and far, for your prayers, thoughts, supportive words, and acts of kindness on behalf of my beloved Suki.  When he has a bad day, (and during the good times too!) you’ve all been there for us both, and we cherish being surrounded and enveloped in your caring and love.

It’s been about 7 weeks since we started Suki on the homeopathic remedies, and the tapering of the allopathic meds.  To sum up: it’s been an enlightening time for both Suki and I. Continue reading

By about the 4 week mark, I had been able to slowly taper down the western meds to just about half of the original dosages.

And Suki was doing really well…until he wasn’t.

Symptoms of the syncope (weakness and fainting) started showing up, so I added back a bit of the allopathic meds, and that seemed to help.  But there was an apparent weakness going on that concerned me.  I called the holistic vet, explained all what was going on, and during the conversation I learned that I was a bit impatient, and I was tapering the western meds a little too fast for Suki’s body to adjust.

Me…..Impatient?   Say it ain’t so!  (Those who know me well will be giggling right about now.)

Doc informed me that because the symptoms weren’t severe or long-standing, all that was needed was to continue giving Suki the homeopathic remedies as I had been doing, while increasing the dosages of the western meds a little at a time over the next few days, until the syncope virtually disappears.

Ok, I can do that!

And he reminded me of my #1 goal:  For Suki to have a good quality of life for the duration of his life.

Tapering down the western meds was a secondary goal, far less important than Suki living comfortably and happily for the duration.

Sometimes we all need a kick in the pants, right?  Well, I got mine from Doc – he gently reminded me to have a bit more patience and for me to keep my eye on the primary goal, which was making sure Suki has good quality of life.

Got it, Doc, thanks!

So, here’s what I’ve learned:  In addition to the impatience I get myself wrapped up in from time to time, I realized that, yes, we had, indeed, achieved Goal #1.  Suki was enjoying a good quality of life, without side effects, weakness, or fainting, ever since we started him on the homeopathic remedies.

The western meds, by themselves, weren’t able to fully stabilize my little guy on their own.  The homeopathic remedies, by themselves, haven’t yet strengthened Suki’s system enough to provide for a drastic reduction in the western meds dosages (yet).

BUT, adding the homeopathic remedies to the western meds were sustaining Suki’s system in a stable manner, without weakness, fainting or any other side effects.  This is great news!!  

Adding the homeopathic remedies has helped Suki have a much better quality of life than he was having with just the western meds by themselves.

PS – Suki is once again stable, and enjoying a good quality of life, with a healthy appetite, and a nice bounce in his step—even at 14+ years old with congestive heart failure.

I’ll share another update in a couple of weeks, and we thank you all for your continued caring and love.



Suki – Two Weeks Into the Transition

Suki2I have to begin this post with a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who has been praying, and sending positive energy, and encouragement to Suki and I.  I’m deeply touched that Suki and I are surrounded by such wonderful people!

It’s been two weeks since I began transitioning him over to homeopathic and natural remedies.

I’m excited to report that I’ve noticed some definite improvements.  Within the first few days, I noticed Continue reading

that Suki has more energy, and that has continued. His cute pink tongue is a more healthy shade of pink these days too, rather than the lighter, paler color that it had been over these past months.

He still sleeps many hours, which I suppose is to be expected for a dog that is around 98 years old in human years.  Most people are very surprised to hear that he is 14 when we stop along our walks to socialize with neighbors and their dogs.

Things I’ve been watching (for) very closely are his breathing, the syncope (weakness and fainting), and a dry, unproductive cough, which, for Suki, sounds more like he has something stuck in his throat.  The syncope has lessened dramatically, although still shows itself a little bit now and again.

Suki’s breathing has been very good overall, even with increased walking distance.  The holistic vet recommended that Suki get out and walk regularly, which is quite the contrast to what the allopathic vets have recommended.  I’m to watch carefully for symptoms, so while Suki and I have been walking a bit further, I cautiously observe him to see that he’s doing well.

The dry, unproductive cough has arisen 2 or 3 times, though I’m unsure if it was a “symptom” or just that he was cleaning himself and actually had a hair in his throat.  Each time it was very brief, and then abated.  For the time being, I’m going with him having had a hair in his throat, while yet keeping a very close eye on him.

Now that we’ve built up Suki’s system somewhat, it’s time to very slowly, and very cautiously, begin reducing the meds, bit by bit.  I will continue keeping an ever-watchful eye on my sweet li’l one.  (Some days I wish he was able to speak english)  

Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement.  They mean the world to us both.  I will post another update shortly.

Suki – Beginning the Transition

Suki1Some of you know that my dearest li’l one, Suki, has leaky valves in his heart. He’s 14 years old, he is stable, and has been on meds since late last year. Due to side effects from the meds, I have consulted with a holistic veterinarian to see what the complimentary options are to allopathic drugs. 

We’ve thoroughly discussed all aspects of “Suki”, and are slowly Continue reading

building him up on homeopathic remedies that will strengthen Suki’s system. The vet has had really good results with these remedies. My goal is to provide for my little guy the best quality of life and enjoyment for the time he has left in his precious body.

One of the things I’ve noticed over the past 2 days, is that he has a bit more energy…he’s looking for a bit more attention, and playing more often.

I’m a big believer in “the body is designed to heal”, given the proper support. And while I’m not against allopathic medicine (it saved my life many years ago), I’m all for utilizing natural substances that support the body’s innate healing abilities.

I’ll keep you all posted as we move forward along this path.