Beat The Heat

Summer Beach ImageIt’s shaping up to be a very hot summer. Here are some tips to stay cool as the mercury rises:

1.  Stay hydrated – drink at least 60-80 oz of water each day.  Our body sweats more in hot weather, so it’s much easier to become dehydrated – and overheated.

Tip:  Keep a gallon bottle of water nearby, and refill your portable bottles frequently.

2.  Stay cool – wet and Continue reading

wring out a small hand-towel. Place the towel around your neck if you begin to feel too warm.  Re-wet it frequently.  Doing this will help you feel more comfortable & may reduce your body temperature to a more optimal level.

Tip:  When traveling, hiking, or engaging in sports, keep the towel in a gallon ziploc bag for convenience.  Keep it moist, and use it often.

3.  Go Barefoot – yep, that’s right…take off your shoes.  For most of us, adjusting the temperature of our feet helps the rest of our body be more comfortable.

Tip:  Keep a pair of stylish, but comfortable flip-flops handy, and change into them if you start to feel uncomfortably warm.
By following these tips, you’ll find yourself more able to handle the heat this summer.

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I would enjoy your feedback and wish you THE BEST of HEALTH this Summer!

Live Life Fully,