Suki – 7 Weeks Into The Transition

First, I’d like to thank the multitudes of loving people, near and far, for your prayers, thoughts, supportive words, and acts of kindness on behalf of my beloved Suki.  When he has a bad day, (and during the good times too!) you’ve all been there for us both, and we cherish being surrounded and enveloped in your caring and love.

It’s been about 7 weeks since we started Suki on the homeopathic remedies, and the tapering of the allopathic meds.  To sum up: it’s been an enlightening time for both Suki and I.

By about the 4 week mark, I had been able to slowly taper down the western meds to just about half of the original dosages.

And Suki was doing really well…until he wasn’t.

Symptoms of the syncope (weakness and fainting) started showing up, so I added back a bit of the allopathic meds, and that seemed to help.  But there was an apparent weakness going on that concerned me.  I called the holistic vet, explained all what was going on, and during the conversation I learned that I was a bit impatient, and I was tapering the western meds a little too fast for Suki’s body to adjust.

Me…..Impatient?   Say it ain’t so!  (Those who know me well will be giggling right about now.)

Doc informed me that because the symptoms weren’t severe or long-standing, all that was needed was to continue giving Suki the homeopathic remedies as I had been doing, while increasing the dosages of the western meds a little at a time over the next few days, until the syncope virtually disappears.

Ok, I can do that!

And he reminded me of my #1 goal:  For Suki to have a good quality of life for the duration of his life.

Tapering down the western meds was a secondary goal, far less important than Suki living comfortably and happily for the duration.

Sometimes we all need a kick in the pants, right?  Well, I got mine from Doc – he gently reminded me to have a bit more patience and for me to keep my eye on the primary goal, which was making sure Suki has good quality of life.

Got it, Doc, thanks!

So, here’s what I’ve learned:  In addition to the impatience I get myself wrapped up in from time to time, I realized that, yes, we had, indeed, achieved Goal #1.  Suki was enjoying a good quality of life, without side effects, weakness, or fainting, ever since we started him on the homeopathic remedies.

The western meds, by themselves, weren’t able to fully stabilize my little guy on their own.  The homeopathic remedies, by themselves, haven’t yet strengthened Suki’s system enough to provide for a drastic reduction in the western meds dosages (yet).

BUT, adding the homeopathic remedies to the western meds were sustaining Suki’s system in a stable manner, without weakness, fainting or any other side effects.  This is great news!!  

Adding the homeopathic remedies has helped Suki have a much better quality of life than he was having with just the western meds by themselves.

PS – Suki is once again stable, and enjoying a good quality of life, with a healthy appetite, and a nice bounce in his step—even at 14+ years old with congestive heart failure.

I’ll share another update in a couple of weeks, and we thank you all for your continued caring and love.



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