My Sweet Friend

My Sweet Friend

Although what we’ve shared, and from where we’ve come, only you and I know.

You’ve touched so many, with your warm, smiling, and ever-glowing Soul.

Your sweet, playful Being you shared so deeply with me,

Your hopes, your joys, your love unconditionally.

When I was away, you would sit and patiently wait,

For me to return, so we could once again play.

Throughout our travels and adventures together,

You bounced and bounded along, light as a feather.

Your entrance to this life was by no means easy,

Though I’ll always smile

Watching you become trusting and carefree.

A wag of your tail, your chir of contentment,

Surely this is what is meant by everlasting Heaven.

My Companion, my Healer, and Beloved Meeter-Greeter,

Our caring and love for one another couldn’t be deeper.

You were such a big and wonderfully happy part of my life.

Though it took me a long time to realize

That for you, I was your entire life.

The oceans, the breezes, us floating on the waters

It seemed always and forever, that you and I’d be together,

Now you’re on to your next adventure.

May you be eternally Joyful.

And may we Be together again,

My Sweet Friend

(Suki:  June 02, 1999 – November 26, 2014)






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