Suki – Beginning the Transition

Some of you know that my dearest li’l one, Suki, has leaky valves in his heart. He’s 14 years old, he is stable, and has been on meds since late last year. Due to side effects from the meds, I have consulted with a holistic veterinarian to see what the complimentary options are to allopathic drugs. 

We’ve thoroughly discussed all aspects of “Suki”, and are slowly building him up on homeopathic remedies that will strengthen Suki’s system. The vet has had really good results with these remedies. My goal is to provide for my little guy the best quality of life and enjoyment for the time he has left in his precious body.

One of the things I’ve noticed over the past 2 days, is that he has a bit more energy…he’s looking for a bit more attention, and playing more often.

I’m a big believer in “the body is designed to heal”, given the proper support. And while I’m not against allopathic medicine (it saved my life many years ago), I’m all for utilizing natural substances that support the body’s innate healing abilities.

I’ll keep you all posted as we move forward along this path.

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