Eat Better And You’ll Live Better

According to The World’s Healthiest Foods, to ensure we get the RDA of all the vitamins & minerals our body needs, our daily intake of the following food groups should be:

6 servings of Vegetables
4 servings of Fruit
2-3 servings of Whole Grains
2-3 servings of High-Calcium Foods

plus during the course of each week we should have the following:

5 servings of Beans (Legumes: Black Beans, Kidney Beans, etc.)
5 servings of Nuts and/or Seeds
3 servings of Fish (including Pacific Salmon & Albacore Tuna)

This sounds like a lot of food, until you take a look at the serving sizes:

For Vegeys & Fruits, the following Serving Sizes apply:
1/2 cup Chopped, Cooked, or Raw
1/2 cup Juice
1 cup Raw Greens
1 Medium Piece of Fruit

A Serving of Beans (Legumes) is 1/2 cup cooked

A Serving of Nuts is 2 Tablespoons

3 ounces of cooked Fish is 1 Serving

For Whole Grains a serving is:
1 Slice Whole Wheat Bread (100% Whole Wheat)
1/2 cup Brown Rice (no, the white stuff doesn’t count)
1 cup of Whole Wheat Pasta (or other Whole Grain Pasta)

A High-Calcium Food Serving is:
1 cup low-fat Milk, Yogurt, or Cottage Cheese
1 ounce Reduced Fat Cheese

Eating 3 meals a day, plus 1-2 nutritious snacks would easily cover the recommendations.

For more information on which foods provide the most nutrition per serving, visit The World’s Healthiest Foods at  They also have a variety of easy & tasty recipes, simple yet nutritious menus, healthy cooking tips, and much more.

I would enjoy your feedback and wish you THE BEST of HEALTH.

Live Life Fully,


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